Who are the Bible Inspectors?

We are a group of individuals looking for answers. Anyone can be a Bible Inspector and participate in the Question Project.

What is the Question Project?

The Question Project is a database of questions that one might have while reading the Bible without any previous knowledge of Christian theology. We are committed to following any line of questioning, wherever it may lead. We want to share these questions with the world and open up a dialogue in the hopes that they may be answered. Other sites may offer their own interpretation of scripture or theories to explain difficult passages, but that is not the intent of the Question Project. If you would like to contribute to the Question Project you can email us with your biblical inquiries and your question may be featured on the site.

Do you have any expertise in biblical studies?

Nope. That is the entire point of this site. Believers often profess that the Bible holds all the answers, but even after a careful and considered reading it can be extremely difficult to understand. We want to catalogue those challenging questions and reference answers that others have given from around the web and around the world. Our visitors can evaluate for themselves which explanations sound most reasonable and have the best evidential support. If you have found an answer that you think satisfies one of our questions please email us and we may link to it from our question post.

What translation of the Bible do you use?

Most of our quoted Bible verses are taken from the English Standard Version unless otherwise noted, but we always provide a link to compare all translations of the quoted text.